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Eco Pest Control Revenue Has Grown By 30% Annually By Participating in EarthX

Earth Day Texas and EarthX events helped consumers find green pest control options. Eco Pest Control educates the public on green options for pest control that use zero synthetic chemicals. Every year after participating EarthX events and gaining face-to-face time with the green community of Dallas, Eco Pest Control revenue has grown by 30% annually.…

September 17, 2018 • Food, Health & Active Lifestyle


EarthX and the Texas Veggie Fair Present EarthxVeg!

EarthX and Texas Veggie Fair have partnered to present EarthxVeg, an exciting and educational vegan lifestyle area, at EarthX 2018. EarthxVeg will highlight vegan food and products while exploring the environmental benefits of plant-based living. Countless studies in recent years have exposed the environmental consequences of factory farming, increasing interest in vegan diets for a sustainable future.…

April 17, 2018 • Food, Health & Active Lifestyle

In 1867, Jefferson, TX became the first town in Texas to use natural gas for artificial lighting purposes.

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