Harnessing the Sun to Power our Economy

What is EarthxSolar?

EarthxSolar is a B2B exposition and forum bringing together businesses, government, investors and academia to connect and collaborate.

What’s Happening?

EarthxSolar Expo

An exposition located in the heart of Earthx featuring exhibits from participating EarthxSolar entities.

EarthxSolar Forum

Workshops at Earthx focused on breaking down barriers to further accelerate the mass adoption and deployment of solar, storage and electric vehicle technologies.

Featured Exhibitors

Notable Speakers

Will Anderson
CEO & Founder, Complete Solar
Bay Scoggin
State Director, Texas Public Interest Research Group
Reginald Parker
President & CEO, 510nano Inc.
Joe Kiwak
Chief Strategic and Procurement Officer/Director, Sunfinity Solar
Chris Tipton
VP of Commercial Sales, Sunfinity Solar
Joaquin Altenberg
CEO, VERT Solar Finance LLC
Tammy James
CEO & Designer, Solar Interchangeable Panel Inc.
Chris Petrella
Founder/CEO, BakUpBox Inc.
Jonathon Blackburn
Managing Director, Texas PACE Authority
Andrew Breiter-Wu
President, Breiter Planet Properties
Walid Halty
CEO & Co-Founder, Dvinci Energy
Sol Bobst
President, Solar Ranch Development Company
Veronica Garcia
CEO & Founder, BitLumens
Daniel Simmons
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Juan Torres
Associate Lab Director of Energy Systems Integration, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sandra Kwak
CEO & Founder, 10Power
Morgan Babbs
CEO & Founder, Colibri
Derica Peters
Senior Environment and Development Planner, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Allison Archambault
President, EarthSpark International
Daniel Dus
Head of Renewables, The Adani Group
Anya Chernef
Founder & Executive Director, Empower Generation
Sean Garren
Senior Director, Vote Solar
David Parker
Commercial Sales, Self-Reliant Solar
Brian Chen
Head of Development & EPC, Taylor Hopkinson
Deep Chakraborty
CEO, Enact Systems Inc
Hugh Scott
President, Together Solar
Maria Muskus
Business Developer, Muskus Ingenieros SAS
Alex Fitzsimmons
Senior Advisor to the Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Ali Samana
Partner, 1 Solar Solution LLC
Brad Stutzman
COO & Head of Project Development, O3 Energy
Eliza Hotchkiss
Disaster Recovery Team Lead, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Hemal Doshi
Partner, 1 Solar Solution LLC
Jeffrey S. SpangenbergerDoshi
Sr. Engineering Specialist, Argonne National Laboratory
Mark Harral
CEO, GroupNire
Matt Ji
Asset Manager & Financial Analyst, O3 Energy
Michael Martin
Solar Advisor, MM Solar Advisory
Michael Yore
Project Developer, O3 Energy
Omeed Badkoobeh
Co-Founder & CEO, Yotta Solar Inc.
Preston Howell
Co-Founder & Vice President of Sales & Marketing, O3 Energy
Sarah McGregor
Commercial Sales Manager, Sungrow USA Corporation

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About Solar Business Festival

The Solar Business Festival (SBF) is a leading solar exhibition and conference that provides a significant platform for knowledge sharing, connectivity, marketing and sales. SBF is a production of Global Attain Advancement, LLC (GAA), a trade show, publishing, and trade mission company with 36 events under its portfolio.

Participate At EarthxSolar

EarthxSolar will take place at Earthx, the world’s largest environmental forum.