EarthxOcean Expo: April 26-28, 2019
EarthxOcean Conference: April 26, 2019 • 8:30am-4:30pm


Designed to increase awareness of the important roles oceans play in our daily lives, this exhibition and conference will stimulate greater corporate and government support to protect our oceans.

EarthxOcean Exhibition

An exhibition at Earthx highlighting non-profits and cutting-edge ocean technologies having substantial, positive impacts on our oceans.

EarthxOcean Conference

A conference in partnership with Mission Blue convening ocean thought leaders from around the globe to learn, connect and take action.

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“We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it – because they do.” Sylvia Earle

EarthxOcean Conference

Earthx and Mission present EarthxOcean Conference: No Blue, No Green!, gathering world-renowned scientists, business leaders, non-profits and government to address the inland connection to the ocean. Experts from around the globe will provide plenary sessions in the morning, and moderate breakout sessions in the afternoon to provide an opportunity to engage on critical ocean issues.

Notable Speakers